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High powered rifle, tannerite and a 500 lb pumpkin equals…


Turkey 2008 

Ted Huffer – Cold Bay Alaska 2010
Brown Bear


 Ted Huffer – 2010 Spring Brown Bear, Cold Bay Alaska  Ted Huffer 2010 Spring Brown Bear – Cold Bay Alaska
 Ted Huffer – 2010 Spring Brown Bear – Cold Bay Alaska Scott Roberts – Pope and Young buck 
 Scott Roberts – Lake of the Woods mallards Mike Roberts – Nice Clinton county buck 2011 
 Mike Roberts November 2011 whitetail John Gabriel – November whitetail 
 Mark Haynes 12-point Opening weekend 2011 gun season Mark Haynes 12-point 2011 Opening weekend gun season 
 Brian Roberts 2008 coyote

Coyote called and shot by Brian Roberts – 2008 (Displayed by professional models)

Mark Haynes November 2010 8-point
I shot this deer in the morning and my wife, Ashley, shot her first deer at this same spot that evening. Same day!


 Bob Roberts, Butch Stoops, Jay Newhart – October Whitetails Gary Ogden – November 2011 Drop-tined whitetail 

Brad Winstead – 2010 trophy Whitetail
Brad Winstead – 2010 with a trophy November Whitetail deer

Pope & Young
Clinton County Bow Kill

Pope & Young
One of my best friends with my first POPE

Ashley Haynes – First deer November 2010
My husband shot an 8-point in the morning and I shot this deer in the evening on the SAME day. My first deer.

Mike Roberts: 2010 buck Scott Roberts 2009 Deer season recap